Novacoin P2Pool is a decentralized mining pool that works by creating a peer-to-peer network of miner nodes. Get sources or binaries.

Community announcements

Current version:

Pool hash rate: ( DOA+orphan) ( peers connected)

Current block value: Expected time to block: Current round time:

   Graph period:Hour  Day  Week  Month  Year

Test public P2Pool nodes (with 1% donate to author):

 ⚒ port 8778 with stratum support
    user: <address>, password: <any>

How to P2Pool on Wiki

Users & Payouts

Last blocks

Test nodes & users

Peers & versions

User's pool rate percent and payouts if a block were found now:

#user (payout address)hash ratepayouts,

Last blocks found (not more than 3 days old):

#time (in localzone)block numberhash / explorer link

Users & hasrates from Test public nodes (average last hour):

Node nameUser (address)hash rate

Resolved peers & there core versions

#peernode version
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